Why Custom Web Design is better

Why Custom Web Design is better?

There’s a reason why larger companies choose a custom design, rather than work within a set theme. Custom sites are more effective in generating business.

Since they are built with one company in mind, you don’t have to worry that your site has additional features you won’t use. Much of the issue with templated sites is that they are built for all types of after-market alterations, whereas a custom design is streamlined to offer your company what YOU need. Also, since your code will be cleaner and written for your company, your SEO value will also start at a higher level with a custom site.

While the major con of custom design is that it takes longer (and therefore is more expensive), it may turn out to be a good thing in the long run. Rather than trying to rush perfection, the custom site allows both teams the opportunity to look closely at every design, or even every page if necessary, to ensure that it is what the user needs. This level of detail can result in a massive difference when analyzing your return on investment.


When your business grows, your website can grow with it. Scalability – it is the ability to serve more users, to process more data, to handle high interaction rates.


Your business is shifting gears? You won’t need a whole new site because your existing site can be updated, changed, and modernized easily.


Templates are what they are. A boutique website can be anything. You dream it, and your designer builds it.

SEO friendliness your site will be search engine friendly because your designer is building it that way. People will find your business.


With a CMS like WordPress underpinning your site, you can admin your site in-house without needing your designer to hold your hand.


When you opt for custom, your website design company is going to figure this out for you. They might even be able to do it for you!


Designers test the websites they create on all major browsers and devices. Your site will work like it’s supposed to for every customer.


Custom website design is all about UX. Your site will be a zero frustration destination.


Your site will be built with the most up-to-date code and code that can be updated with your CMS, increasing the lifespan of your site.


It’s not all about looks, but let’s be honest — looks matter. A custom-made site reflects your brand, company culture, and values. The security custom website developer will build your site with security in mind.


Your site will shrink, move, adjust itself, and otherwise do tricks to ensure that whoever is looking at your site sees something beautiful — no matter what device they’re using.


When skilled developers are building your site, and those same skilled developers will be the ones helping you out if you run into any problems down the line.


A lot of website designers also offer a robust menu of full-service digital marketing options

E-commerce friendliness

If you’re running an online store with thousands of products, a template is not going to cut it.