How To Grow Your Beauty Business with Website

In Studio Los Angeles, seven leading web creators held a panel discussion with practical tips on how you can help yourself and your business model to earn more. Uncover low-hanging fruit digital opportunities and learn to hunt down new avenues for beauty salons with Studio Los Angeles.
Beauty is a multi-billion industry and according to analysts, this will become even bigger and will continue to grow faster than ever compared to other industries.
In the dynamic world of web creation, beauty businesses constantly need to evolve, improve, and expand their areas of expertise and present themselves online more professionally.
Do you need to have a website?

The Answer Is Yes

First, clients find you on Google or Yelp when searching for your service.
Your website is the main thing that attracts clients because the person who searches for a nail or beauty salon on Google is a potential customer who wants to get their nails done, have facials and etc. They can go and check your Instagram page, to see pictures.
But then they go onto your website because it’s more likely that they’re looking for a salon to book a time right now.
Visitors can get more deeply into your website and read about your staff, who you are, and the type of services you have. Useful articles, and tips, are things that you don’t have on Instagram.

So when clients land on the website, they want to dive into your site and ultimately book.
Here are some of the tips to make your website interesting to the visitor

1. Content. Visitors want to see more pictures

Show a lot of pictures, so visitors immediately see it’s a beauty salon website
The most important thing is that when they land on your website, they immediately see that this is a beauty website. Show a lot of pictures, of what you do, so they immediately get interested.
They’re on your website to learn more about you and see what you do.
Information has its place like, introducing your team talking about your services, even You need to work with visuals, making sure visitors understand where they’ve landed. What’s the salon doing?

2. Keep the Visitor Engaged on Your Salon Website as Long as Possible

If Google sees that potential clients who find you stay on your website for a longer time, that tells Google that this is a quality site, this is a quality business. This is a quality salon. We should be showing that to more people. So keep it interesting, make sure they can dive into your universe of what you’re doing.

3. Get Your Hair Stylists to Post Regularly on the Salon Website

It would be great if the staff was connected to the website. So this is an advanced tip – let your staff post pictures on your site. So try to have a lot of photos on the site.

Most stylists and salons do use Instagram to post pictures.

So you don’t have to take new pictures just for that. You can use the same images on both platforms.

4. Booking System

It’s easy for clients to press the booking button where they can book a time. We also recommend having a chat on your website. So it’s easy for the customers. They can write you directly. Or create your digital receptionist working 24/7, meets new potential clients, welcomes them, gets them interested in your business, and then funnels them through to booking with you.