How Much Does a Website Cost

How much does a website cost in 2022?

Today, the cost of website development varies very widely, while there is a fairly stable gradation between the products offered by freelance teams and the decisions of professional market participants, which are customary to include IT companies and web studios.

As a general rule, the work of freelancers is cheaper, but usually, along with obtaining savings, the customer has to assume certain risks, starting with problems in the performance of work and ending with outright deception.

In the case of choosing a professional developer, all other things being equal, the cost of developing a site will be higher, but the level of risk is also minimized. Professionals, against the backdrop of high competition, are very sensitive to their reputation – this is an indisputable fact.

Among professional developers, prices can also vary quite widely, and the only thing that can be determined quite accurately is four price groups:

  • from 1000 to 3000 dollars;
  • from 5000 to 10000 dollars;
  • up to 20k dollars;
  • above 20k dollars.
  • These groups are formed on the basis of a basic set of services when creating an average statistical site, they represent the average cost of developing a site in USA without taking into account regional specifics while taking into account:

    1. The first price range is typical for small local studios, as well as developers offering template solutions or solutions based on inexpensive “boxed” products.

    2. The second price group can be considered the main one. It is in this price range that most professional teams work, while you can order a partially or completely individual site.

    3. In the price range up to 20k dollars, the cost of developing a website in the form of a portal solution or another large-scale project usually varies, that is, in this case, the cost is predetermined by the complexity and laboriousness of the work, as well as the involvement of a large team of specialists, starting with analysts and marketers and ending with a staff of specialists who will provide content support. In any case, a complete, individually formed complex of services is provided.

    4. The latest price range is rare. Typically, such projects are exclusive or are implemented as startups – unique, creative, and solving specific problems, often representing a solid investment project.

    Building the most trusting and honest relationships with clients, Studio Los Angeles does not offer any ready-made tariff plans. Why? Because we consider each project to be individual and form the cost of website development in interaction with the client, after analyzing the task, and goals, preparing the resource concept, and calculating the costs for its implementation. Our prices are optimal, and their fair level is confirmed by the multitude of projects implemented as a result of public procurement and commercial tenders.