E-Commerce Website Los Angeles

Each project of our studio fulfills the clearly set tasks of a specific client. There is no universal solution for all business sectors, so the software part, design, the content will be different.

The cost of creating an online store in Studio Los Angeles consists of the functions that it must perform.

• For sites selling only a few items, it is enough to set up standard product cards and connect online payment systems.

• Multilevel menu and complex filters are useless here.

• Apparel retailers often require a match-by-parameter module, a pending merchandise function.

• On trading platforms with various commodity items, it is necessary to connect a catalog with several levels, a product comparison service, and a complex menu.

• The speed of website development is one of the advantages of our management system. The average term for the development of an online store is 4 weeks from the date of approval of the technical task to the placement on hosting with publication under your domain name. From this moment on, the site is completely ready for promotion.

• A whole team will work on your project under the guidance of an executive manager. After clarifying all the requirements for the future online store, the technical task is transferred to the design department, which prepares page sketches. The agreed layouts are sent to layout designers and programmers. Upon completion of programming, and layout, we test the finished product according to 60+ efficiency parameters. When the result suits us and the customer, the online store is transferred to hosting.

• In addition to an effective sales tool, you will receive technical and informational support on its work.

• Leave a request through the form on the website to order development, website promotion, or ask questions about Studio LA products.