Best Nonprofit Website Design

When you are trying to create the best nonprofit website design it can be extremely difficult for both new and experienced “old” companies and organizations.

Studio Los Angeles, a web agency for nonprofit organizations, prepared for you a guide that will help you to understand what should a nonprofit website design include?

A successful and functional website design for nonprofit companies should become a strong presentation, and a brand that will create anticipation around a purpose and cause and provide unlimited continued support.

Define your Nonprofit Brand Heart. Identify your core principles – purpose, vision, mission, and values, so that you understand what your nonprofit web design is really trying to achieve.
Make sure that your brand story is being told. And, that the brand identity is showcased properly using web design elements.

What should a nonprofit website design look like? Different organizations use different experience design, marketing, and branding.

If you are looking for nonprofit website design company with great experience, Studio Los Angeles is happy to help you!

Let’s continue, here are some important website features to consider.

1. Images, graphics, and videos.

Get strong visual brand identity for your nonprofit
Try to create an awesome brand identity that attracts and builds trust in new potential donors.

Did you know:

This means that your content is much more interesting and popular when your nonprofit website design includes high-quality:

Photographic imagery
Infographics showing data or process
Videos and vlogs
The nonprofit web design by Studio Los Angeles is always highly engaging and draws you in with bright imagery, graphics, and video.

The reports even said that visual content is better than your long or short-form plain text-based content.
Did you know, human brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text paragraphs? Can you imagine that at least 65% of the population are visual learners, as most information sent to the brain is visual.

2. A call to action! Donate button

The call to action (CTA) button is a key design element on your website. It turns passive viewers of your web page into active and engaged participants, ready to add a product to their cart, book a reservation or sign up for your promotions.

If you are ready to join a cause or contribute with a donation, what is the first thing you look for on nonprofit website design?

That’s right:

The big DONATE button.

3. Responsive design for desktop and mobile devices

Today, digital presence is essential for every business from every scale. With the growth of smartphones, ,tablets and other mobile devices, responsive web design has become a vital part of web design.
Smaller screens mean more enhancements and nonprofit organizations should have creative, practical, and also fast loading websites to attract more people.

4. Strategic search engine optimization (SEO)

Successful SEO is not a one-time implementation, but rather an ongoing activity that occurs on a regular basis. This ensures the best results for your investment over the long term.
First of all, ensure that Google Analytics is installed on your nonprofit website. It’s a very fast, easy, and cost-effective way to gather ongoing data about site traffic, visitors, behavior, and more.

The most important areas to focus on with SEO are:

  1. Ensure security
  2. PageSpeed optimization
  3. Publishing quality content on a regular basis
  4. Encouraging engagement via social media
  5. Build high-quality backlinks to your site
  6. Optimize mobile presentation

6. Consistent content writing

Website designers for nonprofit organizations advise to add consistently new and informative content to your nonprofit website, because it is important for successful SEO and building traffic.

Most importantly, it nurtures relationships and creates trust with current or future members of your community.

A nonprofit website blog might include this type of content:

Updates about your nonprofit
Recent efforts and cases
Trends or news stories about the cause
An accessible, easy-to-find box for seraching
Call- to- action
Page with future events
Lead generation through forms and popups

And remember! A non-profit’s website shouldn’t only be focused on acquiring donations and sponsors, but should also be capable of educating its visitors about the cause.

Studio Los Angeles is always happy to help you to build an effective, high-quality nonprofit website! Feel free to contact us today!