AirBnB Personal Website Design

Some hosts started building their own websites.

Airbnb, and any other platform, don’t provide any type of identity. You’re limited, with no uniqueness no individuality, you just have extra exposure and free marketing. With your own website, you’ll be able to present your listing online in a unique, custom way.

You need a website if you own a short-term rental or an Airbnb. Having your own website makes you less confined to the limits of AirBnB, which is extremely important.

Many hosts have started to discover the importance of having their own website due to the pandemic. We all saw how AirBnB stood in the way and became a real obstacle for many hosts. Canceling reservations, no refunds.. for many hosts, it was a complete nightmare. Now imagine you had your own website and you could’ve rebooked a high number of these guests. Wouldn’t that have been nice?

Still, a lot of hosts post their accommodations only on Airbnb. We agree that developing your own website seems far more difficult than simply publishing your listing on Airbnb. However, in our opinion, having your own website is crucial. Additionally, you can avoid paying the service cost. Your guests pay less, and you profit more—a win-win situation. The visitor’s info is also quite valuable. If you design your website with Studio Los Angeles, you’ll get your money back after a few reservations on your own website.