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How Market Research Works

Somehow you need to reach out to potential customers and/or current customers and find out what they are thinking. You need to ask questions and get some concrete answers. Do people need the product or service you are offering? If so, how many people need it? Which features are important to these people and which are not? What price would customers be willing to pay, and why?

The process that you use to get answers to questions like these is called market research. There are two ways to look at the process: From a business standpoint, market research is a way to get answers to important questions before investing a lot of time and money creating a new product or service. From a consumer standpoint, there are many people who enjoy being a part of the market research process. And they can even make a little money by participating in focus groups and surveys.

  • Market Research/ Statistics

    Market, or marketing, research analysts are concerned with the potential sales of a product or service. Gathering statistical data on competitors and examining prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution, they analyze data on past sales to predict future sales. Market research analysts devise methods and procedures for obtaining the data they need. Often, they design telephone, mail, or Internet surveys to assess consumer preferences. They conduct some surveys as personal interviews, going door-to-door, leading focus group discussions, or setting up booths in public places such as shopping malls. Trained interviewers usually conduct the surveys under the market research analyst's direction.

    After compiling and evaluating the data, market research analysts make recommendations to their client or employer on the basis of their findings. They provide a company's management with information needed to make decisions on the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of products or services. The information also may be used to determine the advisability of adding new lines of merchandise, opening new branches, or otherwise diversifying the company's operations. Studio Los Angeles market research analysts also might develop advertising brochures and commercials, sales plans, and product promotions such as rebates and giveaways.

    Studio Los Angeles provides unbiased research, analysis and advice, backed by proprietary data, to help companies profit from the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer technologies on their business.

    The focus of Studio Los Angeles has always been helping companies understand and profit from the business impact of the Internet and other emerging consumer technologies.

  • Help online businesses make critical decisions about technology selection, spending, staffing, and Web site effectiveness.

  • Advise consumer-facing companies with online advertising, marketing, and customer service strategies to understand, attract, convert and retain customers.

  • Guide technology vendors and service providers on market opportunity, positioning, product definition, and pricing the system and solution offers an array of products and services that deliver actionable insights and support critical business decisions at all technology-dependent companies.

  • Potential for further development of facilities such as newsfeeds, tracking systems, detailed web statistics and so on.

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