Content Management

Advanced content management solutions

We can offer flexible and powerful, but easy to use, content managed website systems and document management to suit all budgets. This means that you add, delete and amend pages and content to your site through your browser, and those changes take effect immediately - there's no ongoing publishing involved. It will put you or your employees in control of your website without any additional web designers update fees.

  • Make more sales, deliver better services, and build a stronger brand, by identifying and using the words your customers love. You can immediately improve your website with killer web content, without having to spend anything on expensive redesigns.
  • Avoid annoying your customer and slim down your website by identifying and removing the words your customers hate.
  • Speak for the customer and be able to defend your decisions with solid statistics that reflect an accurate and true picture of what your customers want.
  • Move beyond search engine optimization and convert far more customers by having the exact content that your customers want.

    Our Content management system is a simple web-based interface for creating and publishing the information.

    This includes defining users and groups and restricted access to the site for editing purposes.

  • Adaptivity, enabling the site to adapt to the needs of its users. This meant the site would change the information it presents to users based on a profile of their interests or sector. The information contained in the profile could be gathered either implicitly or explicitly.
  • Fast and efficient full text searching based on keywords, topic and thesaurus-based recommendations, detailed advanced searching.
  • New design with full navigational functionality.
  • Metadata, based on standards such as Dublin Core, and keyword descriptions to augment the searching and thesaurus functions.
  • Online forms for booking events and ordering publications.
  • A knowledge management and archiving facility.
  • Potential for further development of facilities such as newsfeeds, tracking systems, detailed web statistics and so on.

    We are mySQL/PostgreSQL + PHP/JAVA specialists. We have developed databases containing 10 million records searchable in milliseconds thanks to our proprietary indexing solutions.

    Whether you are looking for a low cost web site design and maintenance system, or want to convert an existing web site design and maintenance, or are looking for custom web site design and maintenance, we have design packages, maintenance plans and helpful services to suit your needs.

    Personalization Manager - targeted content on demand

    Intelligently deliver personalized content on a Web site. Ensuring that each visitor receives the exact information they are looking for. Use personalization profiles to give partners and customers automatic access to the information that is most important to them. Personalization Manager increases the relevancy of your site by ensuring that the right content is delivered at the right time to meet the needs of your visitors.

    Studio Los Angeles Application Framework - legacy systems, available online

    Bring business logic from back office. With our systemyour developers concentrate on mapping the business logic you need, rather than worrying about coding directly to an API.

    Web Service Connector - fast and powerful integration

    Incorporate data from any external application easily and seamlessly with Web Service Connector. With the Web Service Connector Wizard, even inexperienced developers can leverage the power of Web services to integrate with any system.

    For more information, contact us to discuss your needs today!

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