Website Tracking, Web Statistics and Website Analysis.

Our Analysts focus on helping webmasters and site owners understand the importance of website characteristics and quality of information, through a professional evaluation and rating. The conversion of visitors into customers must be a primary goal for all web based businesses.

  • Usefulness of information
  • Ease of surfing on the site
  • Quick response time
  • Excellent product information flow
  • Readability and originality
  • Friendly layout
  • Good listings on major search engines

    Understanding website traffic and visitor clickstream behavior is crucial to managing a website on a daily basis.

  • Make daily decisions based on customer behavior

  • Traffic statistics are a form of direct feedback

  • Generate marketing numbers - not guesswork

  • Learn what customers do & adjust content to meet their needs

  • Adjust strategies according to what works

  • Identify non-effective strategies and drop them

  • Profit from informed advertising and content management decisions

    Why our Website Tracking, Web Statistics and Website Analysis solution is unique?

  • Intuitive and pleasant interface

  • Direct and timely technical support

  • Beveloped with extensive user feedback

  • Dased on input of industry marketers and analysts

  • Over 100 marketers and webmasters provided ideas

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